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I am one of those Science/Technology/Engineering/Math skilled people who will save the day. I have a doctorate in chemistry and had been unemployed for nearly a year. All the jobs I used to do have moved to India, China, or Brazil. Those that remain are temporary contract positions with no opportunity for permanent hire. They also make us sign Non-disclosure Agreements that forbid us from using any of the skills we learn on assignment in the future. The brain drain is a lie. Our country is rotting because corporate leadership has forgotten that it is part of society. The days of Rockefeller and Carnegie, of conscientious moral capitalism are over. Gone are the days when employers value their staff and staff value their employers. What is left is a dystopian indentured servitude for the masses to a government protected elite rulership class that distances itself from those they abuse for personal gain. Now I drive a truck for a living. I have a secure long-term job with benefits.